Your Voice, Your Favorite Teas

By Tea Lover

The Association of Tea Bloggers is changing the course of tea.

For the first time ever, tea bloggers and our beloved readers get to unite in praising our favorite teas.

This is not some snooty nod to the most refined. This is the Peoples Choice Awards for tea. Not some industry expert telling us what to like, but our time to celebrate the teas we love for what they are.

Share your voice.

1. Add your comment to this post. Tell me what teas (tea name and online retailer) I should submit as our favorite teas. I will be nominating 1 tea in each category of Green, Black, Wulong, White, and Pu’er. I might do an herbal too.

2. Go to these other blogs to help persuade these bloggers to vote your way:

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3. Encourage your tea friends to join in.

4. Don’t forget to spread the news via Twitter and Facebook.

Winners will be announced between September 14 and 21.

Vote early. Vote often.

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