Long Jing Report – Dragon Well 2013

By Tea Lover

For those of you who have been pining for fresh 2013 dragonwell (longjing) green tea, there is good news.

I have worked with fellow tea colleagues Gingko Seto of Life In Teacup and Wangxl223 of 家住龙井村 (link dead) to find the latest details on the longjing harvest.

snow on longjing dragonwell fields 2013
Snow on Longjing Dragonwell Fields 2013

Funny how weather creates unexpected change. January saw about 3 days of snow falling on the Hangzhou area. Such amounts of snow are relatively rare, and created cause for concerns about a long, rough winter.

In a reversal, warm weather allowed for some very early harvests. Cultivar #43 harvests were happening as early as March 9, 2013.

Keep in mind that not all cultivars are the same. The actual Longjing Village has mostly traditional cultivar. Traditional cultivar is preferred among many of the old-timers and connoisseurs, and sprouts later than the #43. Gingko has provided a series of in-depth posts explaining the differences between traditional cultivars and the more modern #43.

Harvest of traditional cultivar plants in the Longjing Village area began as early as 18 March 2013. This is one of the earliest harvests on record for the past 20 years.

Photos courtesy of Wangxl223 of 家住龙井村. (link dead)

Lonjing dragonwell tea on hillside
Lonjing Dragonwell tea on hillside

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