Review: Argo Tea Green Tea Ginger Twist

By Tea Lover

Argo Green Tea Ginger Twist

A review of Argo Tea’s Green Tea Ginger Twist


fresh-brewed loose-leaf Japanese green tea from Isle Bay (water, sencha and matcha green tea), Fair Trade pure cane sugar, real pieces of ginger root, lemon juice concentrate, natural vanilla flavor. Contains 1% juice.


A 12-pack on Amazon currently lists for $33.12

Argo Green Tea
Argo Green Tea


3 stars (75 points)


Not a tea for tea lovers. There is very little actual tea taste. I also find it surprising that this tea won a 2014 North American Tea Championship award. Criteria for this contest often requires the tea to actually have more “tea” taste than this one displays. Also- don’t forget to shake this tea frequently. The real ginger pieces easily settle, and you risk ginger overload without shaking to evenly distribute the ginger.

Dry Leaf:


Wet Leaf:



The liquid is not the characteristic green or yellow of a natural freshly steeped green tea. It displays more of a lighter red/brown often seen from black teas. The quality of the green tea used, the processing style, and the presence of ginger, sugar, and lemon may all affect the color of the tea.


Ginger contributes much of the flavor and aroma of this tea. The ginger and the the tea itself seem to combine to create a hay/straw-like aroma and taste element. This hay/straw is one of the dominant flavor components. Aside from the hay, lemon notes are present, along with subtler floral notes likely provided by the vanilla. Very light caramel/honey elements from the cane sugar are present, along with a soft, woody taste created by the combination of tea + ginger. There is very little-to-no significant green tea taste, which I expect is the attractive quality for fans of this tea.


Compared to natural, single origin teas, the intensity and duration of any texture is minimal. Any natural texture is overpowered by the sacharine coating your mouth receives and the zesty/spicy pungency of the ginger.


Here the ginger wins out again, but not for long. The sugar and lemon are present, and seem to help tame the ginger. Either way, the aftertaste fizzles fairly quickly.

Argo Green Tea Ginger Twist