10 Commandments of Tea

By Tea Lover

Trilingual inscription of Xerxes Van 1973
10 Commandments of Tea

Story goes that Lu Yu climbed one of the Sacred mountains of China (every telling names a different mountain), and drank tea for 40 days before descending and presenting these

10 Commandments of Tea.

  1. Thou shalt Try new teas. If you can’t describe your tea beyond the basics of “green”, “black”, or a brand name, you haven’t really experienced what the world of tea offers.
  2. Thou shalt Go loose and natural. Tea blends were originally designed to mask inferior teas. Get some loose tea with no added flavors. You’ll be amazed at the varieties of wonderful flavors in good teas.
  3. Thou shalt Smell your leaves. Truly savor tea – don’t mindlessly slurp
  4. Thou shalt Use fresh tea. If the tea has been sitting in a box in your cabinet for years, the spirit is gone. You are drinking tea-corpse.
  5. Thou shalt Use filtered water. Boil it in a kettle, and take it off the heat just as it starts to boil.
  6. Thou shalt Experiment with preparation. Some teas get more astringent when you steep too long. Steeping too short leaves your tea too weak. Printed instructions are just a guide.
  7. Thou shalt Have some familiarity with a tea’s origin. You will develop an appreciation of how earth and people have contributed to the cup you are drinking.
  8. Thou shalt Use a proper cup – avoid paper and plastic.
  9. Thou shalt Keep a tea journal, or some sort of record of your developing appreciation of tea.
  10. Thou shalt Support your tea community. When you discover a sweet ambrosia, you’ll want to share that finding. You’ll also want to search for other delightful tea nectars. Your tea community will prove immensely valuable.